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Cryptocurrencies – With Top Ranked cryptos and small cap Alt Coins – have blown through the roof.

Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum went up 10x or more in value, on their way to all-time highs. If you take March 2020 as the baseline, for example, Bitcoin was worth as low as $5,000 in March 2020 and hit $66,000 Oct, 2021.

Let’s put the struggling rewards programs and bull-run crypto together and discuss how cashback and loyalty programs could survive and thrive utilizing cryptocurrency trends.

Kellnet Network and its rewards program will help Florida tourism businesses move into the future of customer rewards and make a weak rewards program stronger allowing all businesses in Florida to join the network and offer the KAF coin to their customers based on purchases made and allowing those rewards to be used in any business involved in the program.

KAF tokens minted 1B
Tokens In Burn Wallet 100 Million
Coins in Charity Wallet 100 Million
Kellnet Tokens held 200 Million
Tokens available for Private Sale 600 Million

Please check back in the coming months as we launch this exciting program and make the KAF Coin available soon for purchase.